Chelsea Story

Realtor® and Connector

Fathom Realty - Boise

Every Home Has a Story

About Chelsea Story

Chelsea founded Story Real Estate Advisors in 2019 and has consistently ranked on Property Sparks “Top Ten Idaho Real Estate Agents on Social Media” since starting her business. She has a varied background in the real estate industry which includes everything from cleaning up new construction job sites as a teen, to working for a real estate attorney through college and providing admin support for one of the largest drafting and design companies in Idaho. She particularly loves land development and new construction - watching dirt turn into something beautiful and functional for the community and its residents. Born and raised in Alaska, she moved to Idaho in 2014 for the high quality of life (she understands the challenges that come with relocating!) She has three kids and is proud to call Meridian, Idaho home. Chelsea loves building strong relationships and serves her community through works with Jesse Tree Foundation, Idaho Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Idaho Food Bank, Rockharbor Church and Compass Public Charter School. If you are interested in buying, selling, building or investing in Idaho you can reach Chelsea via email at or by phone at 208-713-5415.